1. Modern Kin - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

    We played live in studio on KEXP on October 22nd, 2013 - the day our album released. This video of the session released today, and the KEXP site includes single track format. We played 40 Winks, Unannounced, Abandon, Wicked Crush/ Modern Skin. Thanks to John Richards for inviting us on the Morning Show and the staff who made the audio and video look and sound so great.

    We will be back in Seattle at the Tractor Tavern on March 28th as part of our short NW tour with Ravenna Woods. Advance tickets are recommended and available here!


  2. We added a few tour dates this March! Our friends Ravenna Woods from Seattle will be joining us on all of these shows. Dates and ticket links right…. here:

    March 26th : Mace Mead Works | Dayton, WA | TICKETS
    March 27th : The Bartlett | Spokane, WA | TICKETS
    March 28th : Tractor Tavern | Seattle, WA | TICKETS
    March 29th : Bunk Bar | Portland, OR | TICKETS

    Get those tickets in advance, this is going to be a great little run of shows. Also, here is a collage of the coolest photos of all time.


  3. Crossing into Utah, Urban tonight! @UrbanloungeSLC


  4. Modern Kin “Abandon” (Official Video)


  5. On Modern Kin’s “Abandon”
    By Jeff Kuhr

    This video for the song “Abandon” by Modern Kin is an homage to a scene from Jean-Luc Godard’s 1964 Band of Outsiders (Bande á part). The movie is from Godard’s early period, a time when he sought to reinvent cinema by making it less fantastic and more personal, more real. Of course, his characters in these early films (Breathless, A Woman is A Woman) aren’t so much interested in living real life, but living reel life as depicted in classic Hollywood films, lives full of adventure and romance and where things make sense and something happens. But it’s that gap - the life we want to live versus the life we are living - that Modern Kin’s video also addresses. Because like the scene in the film, the video depicts a moment when the gap temporarily closes - when “our desperation isn’t beautiful, but here it is, so let’s say it is” - when three friends enjoying a moment together with no concern what others may think about their video is enough.

    Do music videos matter anymore? If that’s a question you find yourself as you watch the video that’s a good thing. If you continue to watch because you’re waiting for something to happen, then that, too, is a good thing. But, spoiler alert, nothing does. For four minutes and 8 seconds, it’s just the band (Drew Grow, Kris Doty and Jeremiah Hayden) doing the Madison dance in a café. But that’s on screen. And the subversive beauty of the video is that it’s not about what you see, but what you hear - and that’s the awesomeness of the song. You let the video play because you want to hear the song. A music video that emphasizes the music? It’s about time.

    Fare thee well, Modern Kin.



  7. We posted some new tour dates on the “live” tab here. Hope to see you out on the towns.

    January 17 @ Urban Lounge - SLC, UT w/ Pickwick
    Jan 18 @ Neurolux - Boise, ID w/ Pickwick
    Jan 26 @ Rontom’s - PDX, OR


  8. Winter Shows

    We just added some new shows to our “Live” page. Check ‘em out!

    December 14 @ Grit City Grindhouse
    Tacoma, WA - TICKETS

    December 15 @ Crystal Ballroom
    Portland, OR - TICKETS
    w/ The Dandy Warhols & Unknown Mortal Orchestra



  10. For the next week you can download video of 9 songs from our “Hello, World” experiment this past weekend. Also included in this Live.ly exclusive is a short interview we did as well, talking about our favorite moments from the insanity. Get it while you can.